Monday 25 June 2018

Book Review: Ultimate Job Search by Lynn Williams

Title: Ultimate Job Search
Author: Lynn Williams
Kogan Page

Publication Date: 3 July 2018
eBook - PDF
ARC via NetGalley


Do you want to find your ideal job? Do you need to be able to prepare an excellent CV, answer tough interview questions and impress prospective employers? A 'one-stop shop' for all job hunters, this 5th edition of Ultimate Job Search takes the stress out of job hunting and provides advice on every stage of the job hunting process, from preparing a powerful CV that will get you noticed; sample cover letters and emails that come across as genuine; making a great impression at interviews; to dealing with offers and rejections in a positive manner.

From the best-selling Ultimate series, the guidance in this book will help you shine and will demonstrate to future employers that you're the person for the job. With an exhaustive breadth of detail and real-life up-to-date comments from employers and recruitment professionals, Ultimate Job Search is invaluable to anyone looking to get their dream job at any stage of their career.

I thought Ultimate Job Search would be a useful read, since I am currently looking for a new part-time job. Overall, I found it insightful. Yes, certain information is universal and unchanging, such as dressing appropriately at your interview etc. However, it was useful to learn that the preferred style for CVs has changed yet again, which means I will need to update mine accordingly. I found the book easy to read and nicely set out, making it simple to find the information you needed. The many examples were also handy, and I think it was definitely worth my time giving the book a try. I picked up a few good tips that I will now try to incorporate into my own job search.

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