Friday 1 June 2018

Weekend Blog Hops - 1 June 2018

It's the weekend once more. That means it's time for my book blogger hopping...
What do you think your blog says about you?

Well, I certainly hope it shows my love for both reading and writing. It doubles as a book blog and the website for my own writing, so I try to keep the bulk of the content related to those two things, along with the occasional additional post for my other interests such a theatre, cinema, and sketching. It's neatly presented, which reflects my love of organisation. Perhaps it's easier to ask those of you commenting what you think it says about me! :)
Opening sentence:
Once a term the whole school went for a walk--that is to say the three masters took part as well as all the boys.

From page 56:
He could control the body; it was the tainted soul that mocked his prayers.

My Current Read 
E. M. Forster

Maurice Hall is a young man who grows up confident in his privileged status and well aware of his role in society. Modest and generally conformist, he nevertheless finds himself increasingly attracted to his own sex. Through Clive, whom he encounters at Cambridge, and through Alec, the gamekeeper on Clive's country estate, Maurice gradually experiences a profound emotional and sexual awakening. A tale of passion, bravery and defiance, this intensely personal novel was completed in 1914 but remained unpublished until after Forster's death in 1970. Compellingly honest and beautifully written, it offers a powerful condemnation of the repressive attitudes of British society, and is at once a moving love story and an intimate tale of one man's erotic and political self-discovery.


  1. I'm interested for more! Happy weekend!

  2. Sounds interesting. I hope you are enjoying it. This week I have the latest in the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes historical mystery series - Island of the Mad by Laurie R. King. Happy reading!

  3. I'd like to read something by E.M. Forster and this one sounds really interesting. I like the teasers you shared.

    1. I really enjoy his works and, I have to say, this is now my fave of the four I've read so far.

  4. How intriguing. Not what I'd normally read but this has me curious.

    My Friday 56 from Air And Ash

  5. I've been meaning to read this author. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  6. I think your blog definitely shows your interest and love for reading, along with the other interests you have and the passion you hold for writing. I'm also wanting to expand my blog to focus on my own love of writing and my other interests, but, because it's still new, I'm scared to make that much of a change.

    Your blog is also very organised, so that does an excellent job of showing that you take pride in your work's presentation, which is always great!

    Feel free to check out my own answer if you wish!

    - Charlotte (InkBlottings)

  7. An author I've always wanted to pick up. I really like the 56. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!