Tuesday 10 July 2018

Book Review: Death Be Blue (Terra Vane #1) by Katie Epstein (UF)

Title: Death Be Blue (Terra Vane #1)
Author: Katie Epstein

Publication Date: 2017
eBook - EPUB
Urban Fantasy
ARC via NetGalley


She can glimpse visions of the past, present, and future but she doesn’t know when, how, or why. She only knows the outcome, and it doesn’t look good…

Being human is hard enough. Being human with psychic abilities is worse. It was for Terra Vane anyway, until she immigrated to Portiside. There she feels at home in the thriving city of the Fey, Shifters, Vampires, and other gifted humans.

Where there are many factions of creatures, however, crime and skirmishes are to be expected. With a stubbornness born out of years of being deemed a “freak,” Terra’s determination and unique ability serve her well as an Enforcer Field Agent for the Portiside City Agency.

Alongside her annoying wolf-shifting partner, Kaleb, there is no case that is too strange to solve. No case too dangerous—until there is, and the trail of bloodlust leads them to unravel a mystery that threatens Portiside as they know it.

Death Be Blue was an enjoyable urban fantasy mystery. The world building came across well, with information expanded upon as and when we needed it. Terra Vane was a likeable character, her flaws adding to her appeal, and I see plenty of opportunity for some steamy romance as the series progresses. The plot in this first story was engaging; it held my interest from start to finish. Is this a book I would re-read again and again? Probably not. But it was certainly one I had fun reading, and given the opportunity, I would read further tales in this series. Therefore, I am giving it four stars.

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