Monday 16 July 2018

Book Review: Fallen For You by Jules Dee (MM PNR)

Title: Fallen For You
Author: Jules Dee
NineStar Press

Publication Date: 16 July 2018
eBook - EPUB
ARC via NetGalley

When you work with someone for years, you think you know them pretty well.

Casey Wicker and Martin Bishop are a British Secret Service team with a reputation for ignoring rules but delivering results. They’ve also built a tight friendship, with more than a spark of unspoken attraction.

While on assignment to Scotland Yard, Martin rescues Casey and exposes him to a life-changing secret. Martin is not what he seems, and now that Casey is aware of that, the knowledge most likely comes with a death sentence.

When a way to avoid the tragic ending is suggested, it may very well take more cooperation than anyone is willing to expend.

There were many things I liked about Fallen For You. It had a brilliant premise, giving an intriguing twist on 'angels'. The characters had great potential, with their work offering some excellent plot possibilities. I also enjoyed the world building as it related to the Avian society--its laws and mythologies. However, it didn't 100% come together for me. The fact that the two leads were in the secret service had little impact on the plot; they could have been MET detectives and it would still have worked. Also, although I did get into their relationship later on, I found it jarring at first since they go from colleagues/friends to lovers with amazing speed, and during a big revelation of another kind. We are told they have liked each other for ages, but it's all hearsay. We don't get to see a gradual friends to lovers transition--it happens within a couple of chapters--and that made it hard to connect with the depth of their love/bond for the events that took place after the trial, about halfway through the story. Despite that, there were, as I said, plenty of things to enjoy, and this book will definitely appeal to readers who enjoy angel stories but are looking for something a little bit different. There is also good potential for continuing with these characters in further stories. For me, this was a 3-star read. I didn't dislike it, but there were a few things that, to my mind, didn't quite work as well as they could have.

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