Monday 16 July 2018

Book Review: Suicide Club by Rachel Heng (Sci-Fi Dystopia)

Title: Suicide Club
Author: Rachel Heng

Publication Date: 10 July 2018
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In a near-future world, medical technology has progressed far enough that immortality is now within grasp - but only to those who show themselves to be deserving of it. These people are the lifers: the exercisers, yogacisers, green juicers and early nighters.

Genetically perfect, healthy and wholesome, one hundred-year-old Lea is the poster girl for lifers, until the day she catches a glimpse of her father in the street, eighty-eight years after their last encounter. While pursuing him, Lea has a brush with death which sparks suspicions. If Lea could be so careless, is she worthy of immortality?

Suicide Club wasn't always an activist group. It began as a set of disillusioned lifers, gathering to indulge in forbidden activities: performances of live music, artery-clogging meals, irresponsible orgies. But now they have been branded terrorists and are hunted by the state.

And Lea has decided to give them a call.

Suicide Club was an interesting read. It took me a few chapters to get into it, but when I did, I enjoyed it. The premise was fascinating, and it addresses some intriguing questions about the idea of immortality and the right to choose. Immortality has always been my pick in those questions about what superpower you'd like to have, so I couldn't personally identify with the members of the Suicide Club in their wish to avoid that; however, that certainly didn't prevent me from appreciating the story. This is a dystopian sci-fi tale, but I would suggest there is an edge of literary fiction to it too, considering the nature of the story. One to read if you are looking for a book that blends a dystopian future with some deep philosophical questions.

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