Friday 31 August 2018

Book Review: 400 Three & Four Ingredient Recipes by Jenny White and Joanna Farrow (Non-Fiction/Cooking)

Title: 400 Three & Four Ingredient Recipes
Author: Jenny White & Joanna Farrow
Lorenz Books

Publication Date: 2006
Bought Copy


This text contains over 400 fabulous fuss-free recipes requiring only three or four ingredients. It simplifies shopping, cuts preparation time, and is perfect for the busy modern cook who loves good food but less time to spend making it.

I am a reluctant cook at best. I'll bake, but making main meals? Not on your life. Unfortunately, with my husband's forthcoming career change, I am going to have to start doing more of the evening cooking. Therefore, when I saw this book for $7 in one of the cheap bookstores in the city, I decided to give it a look. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase. Several recipes jumped out at me as looking interesting, and a number appealed to my husband, too, when he flicked through the pages. Only one thing stops me giving this book five stars, and that's the fact that many of the 'meals' are really only a part of the meal. With thing like chicken, I would expect to have to do some kind of vegetable and potato sides with it. However, when it comes to things like pasta, I would expect those to constitute the whole meal, but in some recipes that doesn't seem to be the case--it would be a pretty meagre repast. Therefore, I would have appreciated the inclusion of some serving suggestions for what could go with it. Even so, this is still a book with some good, simple-looking recipes, and I will be trying out a few of them in the coming weeks!

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