Saturday 3 November 2018

Book Review: Corner to Corner Crochet by Jess Coppom (Non-Fiction/Crafts)

Title: Corner to Corner Crochet
Author: Jess Coppom
SewandSo / F&W Media

Publication Date: 16 October 2018
eBook - EPUB
ARC via NetGalley

Corner to corner crochet--also known as C2C crochet--is the perfect way to create colourful, graphic designs without having to learn complex colourwork techniques. Using basic crochet stitches you can create stunning, contemporary designs for home decor items and accessories.

C2C projects also stitch up super-fast so if you've been put off tackling a crochet blanket because it would take too long, this is the technique for you!

Author Jess Coppom has brought a really fresh take to this style of crochet with a collection of 15 modern projects all made using the C2C technique. Choose from patterns for six different afghans or blankets including a monochrome chunky throw and a beautiful Mexican style blanket. Other projects include pillows, a bathroom rug and some stunning items to wear such as a poncho, shawl and cowl.

Why not make some C2C projects for yourself and then stitch up some treats for friends and family?

I took up crochet about two months ago. I've been hearing about C2C but have yet to tackle it myself, so when I saw this book available for review, it seemed the perfect opportunity to learn more. With an opening explanation of the process, a host of patterns with clear instructions and excellent illustrations, and an appendix of useful stitches and techniques, I found this book a wonderful resource for both those new to C2C and those looking for new inspiration. I appreciated that the patterns were not all for blankets but also included other accessories and fun projects, and many of the designs appealed to me personally. This is definitely a book I will consider buying in the future as it contained some wonderful items that I might like to try as I progress on my crocheting journey.

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