Saturday 3 August 2019

Book Review: Shades of Magic Vol 1. The Steel Prince (Graphic Novel/Fantasy)

Title: Shades of Magic Vol 1. The Steel Prince
Author: V. E. Schwab
Titan Comics

Publication Date: 6 March 2019
Graphic Novel/Fantasy
Bought Copy


Delve into the thrilling, epic tale of the young and arrogant prince Maxim Maresh, long before he became the king of Red London and adoptive father to Kell, the lead of A Darker Shade of Magic!

The youthful Maresh is sent to a violent and unmanageable port city on the Blood Coast of Verose, on strict orders from his father, King Nokil Maresh, to cut his military teeth in this lawless landscape.

There, he encounters an unruly band of soldiers, a lawless landscape, and the intoxicatingly deadly presence of the newly returned pirate queen, Arisa...

So, having enjoyed the Shades of Magic trilogy, I was interested to get into the graphic novels and learn more about Maxim's background. Overall, I found this work entertaining. I liked the plot and am keen to see where volume two will take things. On the artwork side of things I wasn't so completely sold. It was okay, but I didn't fall in love with it. However, that won't stop me picking up volume two when it releases in December. This will probably appeal most to those who are already Shades of Magic fans; however, it could also be picked up by someone coming to the world for the first time and there would be no issues since it is a prequel and you don't have to have read the book trilogy to follow it.

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