Friday 30 August 2019

Weekend Blog Hops - 30 August 2019

Hi all! It's time for those weekend blog hops once again! 
Have you ever enjoyed the same book in two or more formats (print, ebook, or audiobook)?
Not that I can recall. I don't really listen to audiobooks, and if I've already read a book, I wouldn't read it again in another format simply because it's another format. That said, if I read an e-Book ARC that I enjoy, I might go out and buy a print copy later. However, that doesn't mean I'd then read it again, at least not straightaway. If I love a book, a single copy is sufficient. I never feel the need to acquire it in all possible formats. sentence:
In the beginning there was one murderer, one mule and one boy, but this isn't the beginning, it's before it, it's me, and I'm Matthew, and here I am, in the kitchen, in the night--the old river mouth of light--and I'm punching and punching away.


From page 56:
He liked the moths gathering tall and tight-knit at their various streetlight postings. He wondered if the night excited or soothed and settled them; if nothing else, it gave them purpose.

My Current Read 
Bridge of Clay
Markus Zusak

Bridge of Clay is about a boy who is caught in the current - of destroying everything he has, to become all he needs to be. He's a boy in search of greatness, as a cure for memory and tragedy. He builds a bridge to save his family, but also to save himself. It's an attempt to transcend humanness, to make a single, glorious moment:

A miracle and nothing less.


  1. I dislike that opening. To mumbled for me. I do like that 56 though. It brought my interest back. :-) I added you to the Linky. Happy Labor Day weekend!

    1. Thanks Freda. Yes, the prose in this one did meander a little at times.

  2. How are you liking Bridge of Clay? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Replies
    1. It was well written but lacked the spark of The Book Thief, I thought.

  4. Love the 56 quote. Thanks for sharing! Happy reading! :)

  5. It isn't too often I will listen or want to listen to the audio version of a book I've read in print or vice versa. I am enjoying exploring the Harry Potter series again with my daughter through audiobooks though.

    I actually like the opening of this one. It's a bit different. I have only read The Book Thief by the same author, which I really liked. This one sounds good too. Have a great weekend, Nicki!

  6. Very curious about this one because of how much I loved The Book Thief. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

    1. It's quite different in some ways. I found it well written but I didn't fall in love with it, if you see what I mean.