Sunday 8 September 2019

Book Review: Basic Japanese Grammar by Everett F. Bleiler (Non-Fiction/Languages)

Title: Basic Japanese Grammar
Author: Everett F. Bleiler

Publication Date: 2011
Borrowed from the Library


Basic Japanese Grammar teaches all the grammar you need to speak Japanese and understand simple spoken Japanese. Covering what is essential, it provides an efficient way for learners who have limited time to learn Japanese and begin to communicate naturally with Japanese speakers. It is intended for self–study or classroom use. It offers a practical course in colloquial Japanese but leaves aside forms that are unnecessary or little used as well as those that are more important for written Japanese. In short chapters, it helps the user understand the logic of Japanese grammar, while its straightforward explanations and clear examples make learning as easy as possible.

Basic Japanese Grammar is an excellent text for those semi-new to Japanese. I say 'semi' because the book does anticipate you have a little basic knowledge and are looking to build a better understand of the grammar, having learnt some vocabulary/phrases. Unlike the last Japanese grammar book I borrowed from the library, this one does open by explaining important basic facts, such as the lack of plurals etc. In terms of conjugations, it sticks to two forms: abrupt/informal and polite/formal. That works well though, as it doesn't inundate you right off the bat. Everything was explained simply and well, and I had no trouble understanding any of the concepts. Yes, you would need to go beyond this book eventually for a more comprehensive understanding, but as a beginner's text, I thought it did a perfect job.

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