Thursday 26 December 2019

Book Review: Black Butler Artworks Vol. 2 by Toboso Yana (Fantasy/Art)

Title: Black Butler Artworks Vol. 2
Author: Toboso Yana
Yen Press

Publication Date: 2017 (2015)
Xmas Gift


Black is a shade of many colors, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the work of New York Times-bestselling author Yana Toboso, whose Black Butler series has captured imaginations of fans all around the world! This second collection of her artwork contains over 120 illustrations, many of them key images in full colour, and covers everything from the Black Butler manga's Phantomhive Manor murder mystery and luxury liner arcs to game and anime adaptations of the series! And once again, this second artbook is presented as a deluxe beribboned hardcover to match Toboso's exquisite art within! 

This is a gorgeous book featuring some stunningly beautiful illustrations. A must for any Black Butler fan. I still need to track down a copy of volume one to go with it, but I hope to do so in the new year. For now I can enjoy the images in this one!

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