Sunday 27 February 2022

Film Review: Awake (Drama)

Yamada Atsuhiro (Director)
Yoshizawa Ryo, Wakaba Ryuya
Japanese Film Festival Online

After abandoning his dream of becoming a shogi pro, Eichi throws himself into creating an AI based shogi computer program and finds a whole new world. (Synopsis)

Awake is the last film I watched during this year's 2022 Japanese Film Festival Online; however, I struggled with it a little. Although I appreciated the performances from the principal cast members, I never really got into the story or cared much about what was happening. I do wonder if some of the issue was knowing nothing about shogi, since that meant I couldn't get excited about the games they played against each other, not understanding the significance of the moves they made. There was nothing wrong with this film per se, it just didn't quite suit me. I imagine players of shogi would find more in it to admire. As such, I am giving it three stars.

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