Sunday 20 February 2022

Film Review: The Door into Summer (夏への扉: キミのいる未来へ) (Sci-Fi)

The Door into Summer (夏への扉: キミのいる未来へ)
Takahiro Miki (Director)
Kento Yamazaki, Kaya Kiyohara

A pioneering roboticist awakens in 2025 after decades in cryosleep. To change the past and reunite with his adopted sister, he seeks a way back to 1995. (Netflix Synopsis)

The Door into Summer was an enjoyable sci-fi movie with romantic sub-tones which was adapted from a US sci-fi novel from the 1950s and updated to more modern times. The initial 30 mins of the film was a little slow, though not dull, as it was mostly drama to set the scene, but once we hit the midway point things started to pick up on the sci-fi side of things, with cryosleep, robots and time travel being the principal foci. I had a couple of lingering queries over the time travel elements, but that's nearly always the case in such stories, as it's hard to cover every potential loophole. That aside, though, this was an entertaining film that held my interest throughout and I'm glad I gave it a watch. It gets 4.5 stars from me for an entertaining story and good performances.

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