Wednesday 23 February 2022

Film Review: Time of Eve: The Movie (イヴの時間) (Animation)

Time of Eve: The Movie (イヴの時間)
Yoshiura Yasuhiro (Director)
Fukuyama Yun, Nojima Kenji, Tanaka Rie
Japanese Film Festival Online

In a not too distant future, a young man's outlook on his home android begins to change after tracking the android's behavioral log to a mysterious cafe. (Synopsis)

Time of Eve: The Movie was a thought-provoking animated film which considered the relationship between humans and androids. It started slowly, but soon picked up and caught my interest. The characters, story line and animation were all strong. The only thing that bugged me a little was the ending, as I wanted to know what would happen to the cafe and its customers, given the situation they were in when the film closed. It felt very much like there should be a sequel to complete the story, but when I checked online after I finished watching, it didn't look like there is one, which is disappointing. But Time of Eve is still worth watching as it is, and it gets four stars from me.

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