Tuesday 24 May 2022

TV Review: Sisi (2021) (Period Drama)

6 episodes
Dominique Devenport, Jannik Schumann
Period Drama
SBS on Demand

The story of the complex and conflicted life of the Austrian Empress Sisi (played by Dominique Devenport), from her time as a carefree teenager to the choices she had to make. (Synopsis)

Let me start my review of Sisi with the plus points. It is a sumptuous production in terms of costumes and settings; it looks good throughout. Also, the story is entertaining if you come to it with no prior knowledge of events. The biggest issue this series has is that it is supposedly telling the story of Sisi, yet barely 10% of it is factually correct. The creators have happily distorted historical events beyond recognition and added action that simply doesn't make sense either from the point of view of the background of the person committing said action or because it wouldn't have been practically possible in that situation. Half the strange changes and additions seem to have been included to up the sexual content. I watched through to the end, because I am someone who likes completion, but much of it left me exasperated. I am giving this 2.5 stars. However, I will round up to a three because, as I said, it will likely be enjoyable to those who like period drama but know little to nothing about Sisi or that era in Austria.

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