Tuesday 24 May 2022

TV Review: Vampire in the Garden (2022) (Dark Fantasy Anime)

Vampire in the Garden (ヴァンパイア・イン・ザ・ガーデン)
5 episodes
Megumi Han, Yu Kobayashi
Dark Fantasy Anime

A vampire queen and a human girl join forces against all odds in search of “paradise” — a place where humans and vampires peacefully coexist. (Netflix Synopsis)

My favourite thing about Vampire in the Garden was its score. There was some really nice music which matched the action perfectly. From a story point of view, it's a pretty standard trope that follows expectations without offering anything really new, though it was still enough to hold my interest throughout. The animation was okay, but nothing stellar. So, overall, it wasn't a bad series, and can be watched in 2.5 hours in its entirety, but I would have appreciated a little more care over the animation and an extension of the story by a few more episodes to allow a deeper exploration of some of the characters. I'm giving it three stars.

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