Saturday 19 November 2022

Book Review: The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System Vol. 2 by Mò Xiāng Tóng Xiù (BL Fantasy)

Title: The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System Vol. 2
Author: Mò Xiāng Tóng Xiù
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Publication Date: 2022
Pages: 364
Format: Paperback
Genre: Danmei (BL) Fantasy
Source: Bought Copy


Three years have passed since Shen Qingqiu betrayed Luo Binghe, and now there are only two years left before his “deceased” disciple rises from the dead to claim his bloody glory as the protagonist. At least, that’s how the story is supposed to go.

In the midst of investigating a mysterious plague, Shen Qingqiu discovers that his actions have irreparably altered the plot—Luo Binghe has returned all too soon and Shen Qingqiu’s brilliant escape plan isn’t even ready yet! Worse, Shen Qingqiu can no longer predict his young disciple’s actions.

The only thing that hasn’t changed is Luo Binghe’s intense fixation on Shen Qingqiu himself, but even this obsession may be more than it seems. Not that Shen Qingqiu has the time to puzzle through all the inconsistencies. There are various parties at play in the changing plot, and if he doesn’t act fast, he may face a fate far worse than death.


I enjoyed this second volume in the story. In fact, I thought it was stronger than the first volume, with more action and more advancement of the plot and relationships. The ending left me so keen to know how things would conclude that I just ordered the remaining two volumes, even though I'd told myself I wouldn't buy any more books now until the new year. Oops. However, I am excited to finish the story when the books reach me in a couple of weeks' time. I hope for plenty more humour and fun in the remaining installments. This book gets four stars from me.

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