Monday 14 November 2022

TV Review: Meteor Garden (2018) (Rom-Com)

Meteor Garden (流星花园)
49 episodes

Dong Shancai is determined to excel at her dream university, where she encounters an elite clique of dashing, popular high-achievers -- and finds love. (Synopsis)

I had seen Meteor Garden pop up in lists on Netflix, but it never really interested me until after I saw Love Between Fairy and Devil. I was looking for more series featuring Dylan Wang, but this was the only one available, so I decided to give it a try. It was only then that I realised it was a Chinese take on Boys Over Flowers, with which I was already very familiar. The show is cheesy and melodramatic at times, but I still had fun watching as I enjoyed the developing relationship between Dong Shancai and Daoming Si. The main downside for me was that the pacing slowed towards the end, with the last two episodes being mostly flashback filler. They could easily have been combined into a single episode without losing anything, which made the ending a tad anticlimactic. It's not a show I would rush to watch again, but it was okay for a single viewing and there is plenty of eye candy, so I am giving it four stars. As an aside, one notable moment was when they visited London and walked along Tower Bridge singing "London Bridge is falling down", and I had to yell at the screen, "Wrong bridge!"


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