Tuesday 1 November 2022

TV Review: Mr Heart (2020) (BL Contemporary)

Mr Heart (미스터 하트)
8 episodes
Han Se Jin, Cheon Seung Ho
BL Contemporary

When a cold-hearted marathon runner gets paired with a cheery pacesetter, he wins a partner who makes his heart race on and off the track. (Synopsis)

Mr Heart was another pretty sweet BL drama. I found the premise interesting, and I also enjoyed the two main characters and their interactions. Where this drama fell down a little for me was in the storytelling. It was a very short series, but the pacing and editing were all over the place, with scenes jumping here and there abruptly. I also wished there had been a bit of a deeper exploration of the background of the two main characters. But the actors gave good performances and it was still cute and fun, so I am giving 3.5 stars, which I will round up rather than down.

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