Sunday 12 March 2023

TV Review: First Love (2022) (Romance Drama)

First Love (初恋)
9 episodes
Romance Drama

Young, free and madly in love. As teenagers, the world was their oyster — but as adults, their lives seem dimmer, like a very important piece is missing. (Synopsis)

First Love was a mixed bag for me. There were some wonderful moments and the cast all gave great performances; however, the pacing felt glacially slow and there were times when my attention wandered because of that. It felt like I could zone out through half an episode but still not miss anything vital to following the plot. Nine episodes felt too much. I think six, with tighter editing and less pontificating, would have been perfect. Nonetheless, the piece was still emotionally interesting and well acted, so I am giving it four stars. Just be aware if you watch that it is a very slow-moving drama and will require some dedication and patience.

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