Sunday 12 March 2023

TV Review: The Rational Life (2021) (Romance Drama)

The Rational Life (理智派生活)
35 episodes
Romance Drama

A career-driven 30-something must contend with a cutthroat workplace, a love triangle and her nagging mom. (Synopsis)

I was watching The Rational Life solely for Dylan Wang's presence, but in the end I found it an enjoyable drama. While outwardly a simple romance story, it also covered some worthwhile themes, such as highlighting the difficulties women face working in a traditionally masculine industry, along with the conflict between old values and modern society. It was also nice to see the portrayal of a realistic May-December romance. As with many Chinese dramas, I experienced culture shock over some of the behaviours and expectations, but in many ways that added to the interest of the piece, in the light it shone on a society with different ways to my own. In conclusion I am giving this four stars. Although it ran for 35 episodes, it never dragged or felt too long and I was invested in the action and characters throughout.

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