Saturday 29 July 2023

Book Review: You Can Have My Back Vol. 1 by Kotsuna Minami (BL Fantasy Light Novel)

Title: You Can Have My Back Vol. 1
Author: Kotsuna Minami
Publisher: Yen On
Publication Date: 8 August 2023
Pages: 464
Format: eBook - PDF
Genre: BL Fantasy Light Novel
Source: ARC via NetGalley

I’ll Never Let You Go Again... When Ionia, proud knight of the realm, loses his life in a violent insurrection, his memories are inherited by a boy born one day after his death. Years later, Leorino Cassieux, fourth son of the Margrave of Brungwurt and blessed with angelic beauty, begins to see Ionia’s memories in his dreams. He relives Ionia’s ill-fated romance with the king’s younger brother, Prince Gravis, as well as his death at the hands of a traitor to the kingdom! But as Leorino tries to make sense of the feeling swelling in his chest, he stumbles too close to the truth of that fateful day. The traitor’s identity is revealed, and in a panic, the traitor threatens to end himself and take Leorino with him! As Leorino’s life hangs in the balance, he instinctively cries out for his only the love of his past life, Gravis.


I really liked the premise of You Can Have My Back. The story idea was intriguing and I found the main characters interesting, especially Leorino/Ionia. There were a few nice illustrations included too. However, the story fell down a little for me in the execution. There was so much telling, with frequent pauses in the story to share chunks of history/backstory, and some of that was also repetitive, with the same information simply regurgitated in different ways. That irritated me and pulled me out of the moment. If I had an easy opportunity to read on in the series, I might do so, but I wasn't so invested that I am desperate to know what will happen next. As such, I am giving this book three stars.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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