Saturday 29 July 2023

TV Review: Live Up to Your Name (2017) (Fantasy Rom-Com)

Live Up to Your Name (명불허전)
16 episodes
Fantasy Rom-Com

Pushed together by twists of time, a Joseon doctor and a cardiac surgeon overcome their 400-year divide as they learn and heal through each other. (Synopsis)

Live Up to Your Name was a fun time-travel romp. I enjoyed the story arcs of the two main characters and their romance. I was a bit worried that we weren't going to get a HEA towards the end, but luckily things worked out by the final episode. There was a good blend of emotional drama and comedy throughout and the story moved along at a good pace from start to finish. Recommended if you like rom-coms with a fantasy twist. I am giving this series 4.5 stars.



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