Monday 7 August 2023

Book Review: The Plotters by Kim Un-su (Crime Thriller)

Title: The Plotters
Author: Kim Un-su
Publisher: 4th Estate Books
Publication Date: 2019 (2010)
Pages: 292
Format: Hardback
Genre: Crime Thriller
Source: Borrowed from the Library

Behind every assassination, there is an anonymous mastermind--a plotter--working in the shadows. Plotters quietly dictate the moves of the city's most dangerous criminals, but their existence is little more than legend. Just who are the plotters? And more important, what do they want?

Reseng is an assassin. Raised by a cantankerous killer named Old Raccoon in the crime headquarters "The Library," Reseng never questioned anything: where to go, who to kill, or why his home was filled with books that no one ever read. But one day, Reseng steps out of line on a job, toppling a set of carefully calibrated plans. And when he uncovers an extraordinary scheme set into motion by an eccentric trio of young women--a convenience store clerk, her wheelchair-bound sister, and a cross-eyed librarian--Reseng will have to decide if he will remain a pawn or finally take control of the plot.


The Plotters was a delightful tale with an intriguing anti-hero protagonist. I really got behind Reseng right from the start and enjoyed following his exploits. I found the female characters a little less compelling and felt they also introduced a few small holes in the plot, but nonetheless I remained engaged with the story until the end. I could see this piece working well as a movie; its action suits a visual medium. This book is probably a little more accessible a read than Kim Un-su's other work, The Cabinet, which I also read and enjoyed. Therefore, The Plotters is probably the better choice for those coming to his writing for the first time. I am giving this work four stars.

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