Monday 7 August 2023

TV Review: Scumbag System (2020) (BL Fantasy Animation)

Scumbag System (穿书自救指南)
10 episodes
BL Fantasy Animation

An ordinary youth, Shen Yuan, after reading the novel "Arrogant Gods and Demons' Journey", triggers the mysterious system so that he crosses into the book world and takes over the body of villain--Shen Qingqiu. (Synopsis)

I have read all four books in the series on which this show is based, so I already knew what to expect from the storyline and knew I would like it on that front. The animation was a mixed bag for me. Some scenes were beautifully done, while others looked iffy. In general, I would say they dedicate most time and effort to the human figures and less on the monsters. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable to watch, and the ending made me long to see S2 if the censorship situation in China ever lets it be released. I am giving it four stars.


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