Monday 22 January 2024

TV Review: My Demon (2023) (Fantasy Romance)

My Demon (마이 데몬)
16 episodes
Fantasy Romance

A pitiless demon becomes powerless after getting entangled with an icy heiress, who may hold the key to his lost abilities — and his heart. (Synopsis)

My Demon was a trope-filled and fairly predictable series, but I still really enjoyed it. Song Kang is one of my favourite K-drama actors and I thought this role was a good fit for him. He brought plenty of emotion to his performance and looked great for the part too. His chemistry with Kim Yoo-jung was also good. Although it was reasonably predictable, I was still taken along for the ride with the plot and found it entertaining. It ticked a lot of boxes for me, so I am giving it 4.5 stars and recommend it for viewers who like tropey fantasy romance.

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