Tuesday 20 February 2024

TV Review: Young Lady and Gentleman (2021) (Rom-Com)

Young Lady and Gentleman (신사와 아가씨)
52 episodes

A spirited young woman with a big heart becomes the new live-in tutor for a wealthy household grieving a recent loss. (Synopsis)

I finally finished watching Young Lady and Gentleman. At 52 episodes (each 70-75 mins) getting to the end of this series felt like running a marathon, but I've made it to the finish line at last. This show was definitely more soapy and melodramatic than my general preference. There was a lot of female screeching and hair pulling and half the characters were delusional or completely devoid of commonsense. However, seeing past that, I did like the romance between the main characters, who had good chemistry together, and the dialogue was mostly everyday speech, making it a good show to practice my listening skills with. For that reason, I am giving it four stars; although, I am glad I can now move on to something else!

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