Saturday 6 April 2024

Book Review: Heaven Official's Blessing Manhua Illustration Book (Art)

Heaven Official's Blessing Manhua Illustration Book
BiliBili Comics
Bought Copy

This book is a collection of art compiled and created by the famous Chinese illustrator STARember. The illustrator's painting style is beautiful and ethereal, with strong personal style, delicate brushwork and attention to detail. The content of this book selects characters and scene paintings from the Heaven Official's Blessing manhua serialized on the Bilibili comics platform. It also contains some cute Q-version characters, presenting a beautiful visual feast for fans of the Heaven Official's Blessing comic.


I LOVE Heaven Official's Blessing. It's my favourite danmei out of all those I've read so far. I have all the books and have watched both series of the donghua, but I have not yet had an opportunity to read the manhua, though I've seen some images online. For now, I came across this book and decided to buy it, and it was worth every cent of the nearly AUD 64.00 I spent on it. The book is beautifully presented and the illustrations inside are all gorgeous. In addition, it came with a ton of extras such as posters, character cards and a silver butterfly I am assuming is a bookmark (?). This book gets five stars from me and I hope that one day I'll be able to read the manhua itself as well. Recommended for Heaven Official's Blessing fans.


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