Saturday 6 April 2024

TV Review: Blue Eye Samurai (2023) (Anime)

Blue Eye Samurai
8 episodes

Driven by a dream of revenge against those who made her an outcast in Edo-period Japan, a young warrior cuts a bloody path toward her destiny. (Synopsis)

Blue Eye Samurai was a pretty enjoyable animation all round. The story was interesting, Mizu was a compelling character, and the animation itself was very good, with some wonderful shots and moments giving it the feel of a Tarantino film at times. Actually, the main thing I struggled with was the fact that it was in English, as I am far more used to watching foreign-language content these days, particularly in animation, so it felt weird not to read subtitles! I can't say I would rush to watch it again, but I really enjoyed it on this first viewing and would watch more if they make a second series (since the story didn't fully conclude in this one), so I am giving it a solid 4-star rating.

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