Wednesday 3 April 2024

Book Review: Snowglobe by Park So-young (YA Fantasy)

Park So-young
Delacorte Press
27 February 2024
YA Fantasy
Bought Copy

In a world of constant winter, only the citizens of the climate-controlled city of Snowglobe can escape the bitter cold—but this perfect society is hiding dark and dangerous secrets within its frozen heart.

Enclosed under a vast dome, Snowglobe is the last place on Earth that’s warm. Outside Snowglobe is a frozen wasteland, and every day, citizens face the icy world to get to their jobs at the power plant, where they produce the energy Snowglobe needs. Their only solace comes in the form of twenty-four-hour television programming streamed directly from the domed city.

The residents of Snowglobe have fame, fortune, and above all, safety from the desolation outside their walls. In exchange, their lives are broadcast to the less fortunate outside, who watch eagerly, hoping for the chance to one day become actors themselves.

Chobahm lives for the time she spends watching the shows produced inside Snowglobe. Her favorite? Goh Around, starring Goh Haeri, Snowglobe’s biggest star—and, it turns out, the key to getting Chobahm her dream life.

Because Haeri is dead, and Chobahm has been chosen to take her place. Only, life inside Snowglobe is nothing like what you see on television. Reality is a lie, and truth seems to be forever out of reach.


I have mostly read Korean novels in the contemporary and literary fiction genres. Therefore, Snowglobe is my first foray into the realm of YA fantasy by Korean authors. Overall, I thought it was a solid offering in the genre. The premise, while not entirely original, had its own interesting twist. Meanwhile, it explored several compelling themes, some of which only became clear as the story progressed. I was engaged more during the first two thirds of the book. During the final section, I did find my attention wandering a little; however, it still ended in a way that made me interested to find out how the tale would conclude. Therefore, I am giving it four stars. Recommended for fans of YA sci-fi and fantasy looking for a new author to enjoy.

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