Monday 1 April 2024

Book Review: Thousand Autumns Vol. 4 by Meng Xi Shi (BL Fantasy)

Thousand Autumns Vol. 4
Meng Xi Shi
Seven Seas Entertainment
19 March 2024
BL Fantasy
Bought Copy


Having saved Yuwen Song from war-torn Chang'an, Shen Qiao helps him start a new life training at Bixia Sect. Yet everyone's got their demons, and it's not long before Shen Qiao's own mischievous Demon Lord, Yan Wushi, appears. Meanwhile, Bixia Sect buzzes with news of a chance to gain honor, prestige, and a swelling in ranks at the upcoming Sword Trial Conference. Yet not all who gather hold noble desires. 

Under the cover of night, Shen Qiao is warned of rising tensions that threaten to turn the Conference into a bloodbath! Will Yan Wushi and Shen Qiao make it out unscathed? A fateful battle awaits!

This fourth volume of Thousand Autumns offered us an exciting continuation of the story. As well as development of the political background of the series, this volume contained great development of the relationship between Yan Wushi and Shen Qiao, especially during the final chapters. It left me eagerly waiting to see where things would go next. As always, there were many beautiful illustrations throughout. This volume gets five stars from me.

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