Wednesday 1 May 2024

Book Review: Empire of the Damned by Jay Kristoff (Fantasy)

Empire of the Damned (Empire of the Vampire #2)
Jay Kristoff
Harper Voyager
29 February 2024
Bought Copy

Gabriel de León has saved the Holy Grail from death, but his chance to end the endless night is lost.

After turning his back on his Silversaint brothers once and for all, Gabriel and the Grail set out to learn the truth of how Daysdeath might finally be undone.

But the last Silversaint faces peril, within and without. Pursued by children of the Forever King, drawn into wars and webs centuries in the weaving, and ravaged by his own rising bloodlust, Gabriel may not survive to see the truth of the Grail revealed.

A truth that may be too awful for any to imagine.

Empire of the Damned was an excellent continuation of the Empire of the Vampire series. We picked up right where we left off, but that was some time ago, so I was worried how well I would recall book one. In the end, that wasn't an issue though. The inclusion of a reminder of the key players at the start helped, and once we were a couple of chapters in, I was quickly back on track. A lot happened in this tale and, despite the book being 600+ pages, the action moved at a fast pace throughout. There were plenty of memorable moments and big doses of both sex and violence. Meanwhile, it was fun to return to Kristoff's distinctive prose style (which I enjoyed in the Nevernight series too). The book ended in a way that left me anxious to find out how things will conclude, so I will eagerly await book three. Five stars.

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