Sunday 2 June 2024

Film Review: Morbius (2022) (Fantasy-Action)

Daniel Espinosa (Director)

A biochemist with a rare blood disease in search of a cure injects himself with a dangerous serum that gives him super strength and a thirst for blood. (Synopsis)

As a fan of both vampires and Marvel, Morbius should have been a big hit with me. On the plus side, the character and storyline were interesting. The VFX were fine, the action scenes well choreographed. Jared Leto, too, came across well in the title role. What let this movie down though was a meandering, lacklustre script and a lack of cohesive structure to the storytelling. We didn't come to care enough about the villain for his motivations to properly come across, and even Michael Morbius could have done with deeper character development. It was a movie with a lot of potential that sadly fell flat. Still, it was still enjoyable just as a quick fantasy action watch, and I'd like to see them come back with a second movie done better, so I am giving it 3.5 stars.

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